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Restore Lost Bone to Promote Oral Health

Having proper jaw bone volume is important to both preserving your appearance, oral health, and for the placement of dental implants. You can lose jaw bone volume for a variety of reasons, including oral trauma, tooth loss or oral disease. When bone has been lost, your bite can shift, teeth can become loose or fall out and you may not qualify for dental implants. Dr. Michael Noffze offers patients with bone deterioration a solution with advanced bone grafting techniques. Dr. Noffze is experienced in advanced forms of bone grafting including complex sinus lifts and state-of-the-art Straumann® bonering techniques.

The National Leader in Unique Bonering Technology

For those who are looking for the quickest and safest way to a new smile with dental implants, Dr. Noffze can perform same day implants utilizing Straumann® bonering technology. When a patient has lost significant bone volume and is unqualified for dental implants, we can use a bonering to restore the lost bone and place a dental implant at the same time. Dr. Noffze is rated as one of the top oral surgeons in the United States and is the only doctor certified in North Dakota in being able to offer this service for bone grafting in Fargo, ND. The bonering technique drastically cuts down on the overall time, cost and discomfort it takes to receive a dental implant, getting you to your new teeth faster than ever.

Bone Grafting Procedures and Techniques

Bone grafting is used to rebuild the jaw bone to an adequate level for dental implants as well as restoring the aesthetic look of your smile. Bone grafting utilizes bone material from you or a donor source to restore your jaw line by allowing new bone to heal and fuse to your existing bone. Dr. Noffze offers a variety of bone grafting services as well as unique techniques to improve your overall experience and provide successful results.


Ridge Preservation

When bone has been lost along the jaw line, we can perform ridge preservation bone grafting to add volume to the area. We will convert a sample of bone into granule form that will fuse to your existing jaw bone and restore your jaw line to proper volume.


Socket Preservation

After a tooth has been extracted, an empty socket is left behind where the tooth once occupied. We can fill this socket with bone grafting material to restore the jaw and prepare to replace the extracted tooth with a dental implant.


Sinus Lift

A sinus lift is an advanced bone grafting procedure used to restore bone to the area in the upper molar region, where the sinus cavity resides. This area has less bone volume due to the sinus cavity residing above, making it difficult to place implants. A sinus lift gently raises the sinus membrane and allows for the placement of bone grafting material underneath to restore proper volume.


Straumann® Bonering

This technology combines a ring of bone material with a dental implant for same day bone grafting and implant placement. By placing the bonering in the area of bone loss, we can then secure an implant into the bonering for immediate placement. This drastically cuts down on the amount of time, overall cost and discomfort patients experience.


Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR)

Used for most bone grafting procedures, GTR is a protective mesh material that covers the bone graft material and protects it during healing. GTR technology allows patients to have more successful bone grafts with a quicker healing time.


Bone Morphogenic Protein (BMP)

BMP technology uses your own DNA to stimulate stem cells within your body to rebuild bone to areas where it was lost. We combine this with other grafting procedures, like a sinus lift, to encourage new bone formation.

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Prepare your jaw for dental implants with regenerative bone grafting procedures.

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