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Undergoing complex or even routine oral surgery procedures not only requires the skill of an experienced oral surgeon but often some level of dental sedation to improve patient comfort and overall treatment outcome. Dr. Michael Noffze offers various dental anesthesia options to make all dental procedures soothing and painless. Dr. Noffze is certified and trained in providing advanced anesthesia in the form of IV sedation and general anesthesia, equivalent to the level of care you would find in a hospital setting.

Our Dental Anesthesia Options


General Anesthesia

Our most advanced form of sedation, general anesthesia will put you to sleep during your procedure. This is the same advanced level of sedation used in hospitals that Dr. Noffze is able to offer in-office. Most general anesthesia cases are reserved for our more extensive oral surgery procedures.


IV Sedation

Dr. Noffze is trained to offer patients IV sedation, which puts you into a sleeplike state and often causes you to not remember any of your procedure. With IV sedation in Fargo, ND, you will no longer fear your procedures and when combined with other anesthesia, will block sensations of discomfort.


Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is administered via a mask worn over the nose during your procedure. While under the effects of nitrous oxide, you will feel much calmer when receiving your treatment. The effects occur almost immediately and end as soon as the gas is removed.


Local Anesthetic

Local anesthetic is a form of anesthesia that is used to block sensations of discomfort during procedures. The anesthetic is injected directly at the site of treatment and numbs the area during treatment. We often combine local anesthetic with other forms of dental anesthesia for the best results.

Dr. Noffze talks about how sedation dentistry is used for quicker, safer, and more comfortable dental treatments

High-Level of Anesthesia Care

When you have your dental treatments performed at The Facial and Oral Surgery Center, you will benefit from all of Dr. Noffze’s advanced experience and education. This expertise includes the ability to provide you with the most advanced forms of dental anesthesia, IV sedation and general anesthesia, performed in-office for your convenience. Our goal is to promote health and wellbeing in all our patients, and when you no longer fear your procedures thanks to dental anesthesia, you can get on track to the improved quality of life you deserve.

Receive advanced dental anesthesia for your next surgical procedure.

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