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Your Implant Investment Deserves Specialty Care

Over 178 million people in the United States alone are missing at least one tooth and seek a way to restore their smile. Dental implants are considered the gold standard for replacing missing teeth due to their health benefits, natural appearance and longevity. Dental implants can be a lifetime investment in your oral health and self-confidence, so when choosing a doctor to place your implants, it is best to choose an experienced specialist like Dr. Michael Noffze. Annually, Dr. Noffze places over 400 dental implants without complication. As a board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Noffze has the years of education and experience necessary to give you the results you deserve. Our office is the only one in our area offering immediate provisionals for single and multi-unit implants. That means you can have teeth extracted (if needed), implants placed and a restoration attached all in one day.

When you replace missing teeth with dental implants, you will benefit from:

  • Natural Appearance — look and feel natural in your smile
  • Expanded Diet — eat, chew and bite foods without worry
  • Permanence — with proper care, implants can last many years
  • Increased Confidence — a complete smile enhances self-esteem
  • Improved Oral Health — prevents bone deterioration
  • Speak Clearly — no lisps, whistling or pronunciation difficulties
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Never Be Without Teeth

Dr. Noffze offers patients a unique advantage when receiving dental implants to replace missing teeth, with TeethToday® same day teeth. This allows us to extract teeth, place implants and provide you with a temporary crown all in one appointment, so you never have to go without teeth. We are the only practice in the Fargo area that is able to offer you this unique and convenient service.

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Dr. Noffze discusses how advanced technology helps get better results for your dental implant procedure

Advanced Technology for Improved Results

Due to our technology and experience, general practitioners in the area refer their patients to us for complicated implant procedures like sinus lifts, placing implants in the aesthetic “smile” zone, and for any complications that may lead to failing dental implants. Dr. Noffze utilizes many advanced technologies when placing implants for improved results and safety. When preparing you for implant placement, we will perform a cone beam CT (CBCT) scan to capture highly detailed images of your jaw structure, including location of nerves and bone volume levels. We use these images to create computer-generated dental implant guides, which show Dr. Noffze the precise angle, depth and position to place your implants, removing any guesswork from the procedure. These technologies combined with our experience lead to results you won’t find anywhere else when seeking dental implants in Fargo, ND.

Dr.Noffze talks about the digital impressions process and how provided better treatment outcomes

Why Choose an Oral Surgeon?

  • Vast Experience — Dr. Noffze places over 400 dental implants every year
  • Extensive Education — trained at the prestigious Mayo Clinic
  • Improved Safety — Dr. Noffze is a medical doctor and certified in anesthesia
  • Advanced Technology — we utilize the most modern dental technology
  • Teeth in One Day — have implants placed and recieve crowns the same day
  • Continuing Education — Dr. Noffze is the director of the Heartland Study Club

Every Patient Has A Story

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Dr. Terry Moe's dental implants story
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Experience the advantages of dental implants when restoring your smile.

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