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Treatment for Gingivectomies and Frenectomies

As an oral surgery practice, we specialize in the soft tissues of the mouth and the surgeries that go along with them. Dr. Michael Noffze is experienced in performing soft tissue procedures in a gentle and effective manner to restore health and function to your mouth. Two of the most common soft tissue procedures we perform in-office include gingivectomies and frenectomies. When you choose to have these procedures performed by an oral surgeon, you are ensuring effective treatment from a specialist who understands the mouth/body connection better than most.

Careful Removal of Gum Infection

A gingivectomy is a soft tissue procedure that removes diseased gum tissue from the mouth. Dr. Noffze will carefully cut away gum tissue that is infected by disease to only leave healthy gums behind. Once disease has been removed, your gums will be able to reattach to your teeth and restore health and beauty to your smile.

Free a Tongue- or Lip-Tie

A frenectomy is the removal of a thin fold of tissue that restricts movement of the tongue or lip. Known as a tongue- or lip-tie, without treatment, patients can experience pain, trouble eating or speaking or developmental problems later in life. During a frenectomy soft tissue procedure, Dr. Noffze will carefully sever the thin tissue that is restricting movement, freeing up the tongue or lip to move naturally.

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Choose an Oral Surgeon for Soft Tissue Procedures in Fargo, ND

  • Expert in the Field — Dr. Noffze has spent four extra years studying oral surgical procedures
  • Restore Oral Health — remove disease and improve oral function
  • Dedicated to Beauty — we focus on the aesthetics of your smile
  • Gentle Procedures — we feature advanced sedation options to make your treatment easy

Receive specialist treatment today for the soft tissues of your mouth.

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