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Oral Pathology Exams Catch Disease Early

The mouth is a sensitive area that is just as susceptible to disease and bacteria as any other part of your body. Oral pathology is the study, diagnosis and treatment of disease of the mouth, jaw, and related structures. One of the most common, and deadly, disease you can develop is oral cancer, which if caught early, can be treated to prevent worsening or spreading. We offer oral pathology exams in order to catch potential disease or lesions early, when they are most treatable.

Oral Pathology Signs to Watch For

  • Red or white patches in the mouth
  • Bleeding sores in the mouth
  • Lumps developing within the mouth
  • Constant sore throat or difficulty swallowing

What to Expect During an Oral Pathology Exam

Being routinely checked for oral cancer and pathology is important, as many of the signs and symptoms do not cause pain or discomfort. During an oral pathology exam in Fargo, ND, we will review your medical history and perform an examination, including x-rays, to understand your specific health needs. During an in-depth exam of your mouth, we will identify any areas of concern based on their color, shape, location or texture and may perform a biopsy for analysis.

The Best Defense Starts at Home

If a biopsy from your oral pathology exam comes back as something dangerous, we will take the necessary steps to restoring your oral health and eliminating the cause of concern. However, the best defense against disease and oral cancer starts at home. Any kind of tobacco and even heavy alcohol use are common causes of oral cancer. We recommend patients perform monthly oral pathology exams at home and look for any signs of concern. Any lumps, pains, or discoloration should be addressed immediately by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Noffze.

Receive an oral pathology exam today to identify any potential signs of disease or oral cancer.

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