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Dr. Noffze talks about the benefits of oral surgeons removing wisdom teeth

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Wisdom Teeth Extractions Prevent Oral Complications

One of the most common oral surgeries performed is wisdom teeth extractions. For most people, wisdom teeth begin to grow in during the late teenage years, however the jaw is often not big enough to accommodate these extra teeth. When there is not adequate space, wisdom teeth often become impacted, preventing proper eruption and causing pain, crowding or possible infection. To preserve oral health, most patients remove these teeth through wisdom teeth extractions. Extracting these teeth is not an easy procedure and requires advanced jaw surgery to the jaw bone, tooth socket and tooth itself.

Wisdom teeth extractions should be trusted to an experienced oral surgeon, like Dr. Michael Noffze, to ensure that the surgery is performed with precision and care. Dr. Noffze is a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon who has over 16 years of training to safely remove impacted wisdom teeth from teens and adults. Oral surgeons are the experts at wisdom teeth extractions and can successfully perform the procedure on even the most complicated of cases.

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Our Wisdom Teeth Extraction Process

Prior to surgery, we will capture highly-detailed 3D images of your jaw with our cone-beam CT scanner to help us locate nerves, position of tooth roots and the structure of the wisdom teeth. When we perform wisdom teeth extractions, we ensure patients are sedated and offer IV sedation to calm their nerves and block any sensations of pain or discomfort. Dr. Noffze is trained, licensed and highly experienced in providing anesthesia for patients to maximize comfort. During the surgery, Dr. Noffze and our dental team will access the wisdom teeth through the gums and jaw bone. As oral surgeon specialists, our extractions avoid damaging surrounding teeth and facial nerves located within the jaw and are performed to promote healing afterward.

What potential problems can a wisdom teeth cause

Choose Dr. Noffze for Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Fargo, ND

  • Board-Certified Oral Surgeon — expert handling of complex cases
  • IV Sedation — soothing and pain-free dentistry
  • Predictable Results — 3D imaging and advanced technology for accuracy
  • Advanced Training — training from the prestigious Mayo Clinic

Eliminate wisdom tooth pains with extraction from the oral surgery specialist.

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