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Replacing Missing Teeth in the Aesthetic Zone

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We Are the Experts at Complex Implant Surgery

When it comes to placing dental implants choosing an experienced doctor who specializes in implantology will give you the best and most attractive results. While many general dentists perform dental implant surgery, only a handful can provide you with proper placement of dental implants in the aesthetic zone, also known as front tooth dental implants. This area of the mouth is exceptionally difficult to place implants in, as any small error can result in an obvious flaw in the smile. For this reason, it is best to choose an experienced specialist like Dr. Michael Noffze who is able to place dental implants in the aesthetic zone without compromising your smile’s appearance.

Common problems associated with dental implants in the aesthetic zone such as front tooth dental implants, are that they must be angled perfectly within your jaw bone to ensure proper aesthetic placement. If the dental implant is placed too far forward in the jaw, the implant threads may be visible through the gum tissue. Another complication is that an improperly angled implant, can make restoration with a dental crown look unnatural. Trusting anyone less than an experienced oral surgeon can result in a flawed implant that will compromise the attractiveness of your smile.

Dr. Noffze discusses the advantages of dental implants placement in the aesthetic zone

Technology and Experience Together

When Dr. Noffze places dental implants in the aesthetic zone in Fargo, ND, he utilizes our practice’s advanced technology and over 18 years of experience. We frequently perform complex dental implant cases such as front tooth dental implants and place over 400 dental implants every year with successful results. We utilize advanced cone beam imaging to capture highly-detailed views of your jaw structure, such as bone volume and location of nerves for implant planning. Before surgery even begins, we create a computer-generated implant guide that directs Dr. Noffze to the exact angle, position and depth for implant placement. This ensures your dental implants in the aesthetic zone look natural within your smile and you won’t experience any complications in the future.

Why Choose Dr. Noffze

  • Specialist in Implants — successful placement of hundreds of complex implant procedures
  • Integrated Technology — advanced technology used in every implant case
  • Extensive Education — Dr. Noffze trained at the notable Mayo Clinic for his medical degree
  • Professional Lecturer — director of the Heartland Study Club and renown lecturer

Choose the specialist when replacing missing teeth in the aesthetic zone for the best results.

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